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Overseas Procurement

In today’s ever increasing competitive market place companies are finding it difficult to grow their business. There will be many reasons for this but generally it will involve prising business from a Competitor. This is not an easy thing to do; buyers like everyone else do not like change as it involves risk, so there must be a directional policy or significant incentive for the change.

The vast majority of companies in the UK are suffering from stagnation their profits are eroding year on year as the cost of producing increases while selling prices at best are maintained. There is no doubt for many manufacturing companies the future looks bleak, so what can be done?

An opportunity for reducing product costs does exist to companies currently buying from within the EC; in fact the savings can be significant. But the road to achieving these savings can be a precarious one if handled incorrectly.

There are many factors to consider, the first one though must be what if we do nothing?

          1. What are our performance trends?
          2. If our competitors slash their prices can we respond?
          3. How can we achieve growth and profit?
          4. If we outsource overseas can we maintain quality?
          5. How do we locate the right suppliers?
          6. What about freight and costs?
          7. Do we need additional stock?
          8. What does made in the UK give us?
          9. Who can give us the answers?

IND Solutions specialise in obtaining components and assemblies from India

Our extensive knowledge of sourcing parts and assemblies overseas are available for companies large and small seeking to reduce product costs.

We have in place regular shipments to the UK and parts can be stored and delivered to your door from our modern Warehouse facility based in the Midlands.

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